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Reviewers give Rich and Gone top star ratings

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 11.08.30 AMRecent reviewers of Rich and Gone a month after its May 29 publication date give the Red Farlow Mysteries novel 4.56 stars on Goodreads and 4.8 stars on Amazon. On Goodreads, readers left 16 ratings and penned 14 reviews, and on Amazon, customers posted 8 reviews.

Following is a selection of the reviews from both sites:

Goodreads, Cathy Geha editorial review—”I really enjoyed looking over Red’s shoulder as he begins to follow leads that are presented as he works to unravel this case. His interactions with law enforcement, newspaper reporters and all the other people that became known as he pursued one lead after another were fascinating. In movies and on TV the case is wrapped up by the end of the show but this case took a bit of time, required trips to foreign countries, involved interactions with lethal characters, mentioned intriguing cases and characters from his past and gave me true insight into what it might be like to plod rather than whisk along while trying to unearth mysteries that would lead to a resolution by the end of the book…”

Amazon customer—”A fun read. Following the mysterious [shenanigans] of Woody Cunningham, Red eventually finds his man, with a surprise ending! Try it!”

Goodreads reader—”I enjoyed every word in this book. I loved the characters and became quite attached to them. Plus, an awesome bunch of twists and turns that kept me guessing to the very surprising and awesome end. I have never read this author before but I am certainly going to keep an eye out for his work! I highly recommend this book.”

Check out W.F. Ranew’s website, wfranew.com, and his publisher’s author page, tirpub.com/wfranew


A beach read you’ll enjoy—Rich and Gone

RG Beachread promo copy

In Rich and Gone, who hired Red Farlow to find the $300 million Woody Cunningham swindled out of family and friends? Farlow’s client is Gloria Cunningham, wife oScreen Shot 2019-06-07 at 11.08.30 AMf the missing man. Gloria invested in Woody’s fraudulent funds and wants her money back. Does she care if Woody, or his body, is found? Excellent question. Tirgearrpublishing.com #mystery #beachreads

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Who is Halbert ‘Sho’nuff’ Dixon?

RichandGonebyWFRanew200In my new novel, Rich and Gone, Red Farlow explains how bad guy Halbert “Sho’nuff” Dixon got his nickname.

Never a bright light, Halbert himself floated through life on a river of cheap booze. He made his way in petty crime, jail, and an occasional job as a security guard, so-called. I met Halbert the first time in the early seventies and busted him on burglary charges. He broke into a country drugstore one night, cleaned out the cash register, walked out the back door to a nearby liquor store, and bought two pints of bourbon.

“I found him passed out drunk in his own piss not a hundred feet from the pharmacy. Cuffed him and took him in.”

I asked him why he broke into the store.

 “Sho’nuff, I did that?” he replied. He recited this incredulous expression to almost every question after that. I guess the nickname suited him. He even referred to himself that way.

Rich and Gone from Tirgearr Publishing.

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Farlow’s darkest memories come back to haunt

In my novel Rich and Gone, private investigator Red Farlow confronts the darkest memories of his law enforcement days.RichandGonebyWFRanew100

“The words Green Bottom Springs brought black clouds of gloom and disgust to my mind. I didn’t want to read all about that horrible event again. But I had to. Somewhere there was a connection there between that event and Woody Cunningham. I had no idea what. A hunch, that is all. One of my perpetual hunches.”


Rich and Gone for Kindle: Get it at a bargain price

Rich and Gone, Red Farlow Mysteries No. 1, is available on Amazon for Kindle readers. Thing is, you can still purchase the novel for 99 cents through this Sunday, June 2.

Under the Kindle Unlimited plan, Rich and Gone is free to KU subscribers.

Over the coming days and weeks, check out this blog for more on Rich and Gone,RichandGonebyWFRanew100 the story, locations, and how it came together. You’ll also learn how Halbert “Sho’nuff” Dixon of Hahira, Ga., got his nickname.

For more about Rich and Gone, too, go to my Tirgearr Publishing page.http://tirgearrpublishing.com/authors/Ranew_WF/rich-and-gone.htm